If you’re in pain,
we can help.

We know a dental emergency can be stressful. Our in-office treatment plan will alleviate that stress… and the pain!

X-ray the painful area and perform a gentle exam to diagnose the problem

Outline your costs and insurance coverage

Provide same-day treatment in our office or schedule a procedure appointment with Dr. B ASAP

Why should you visit the dentist regularly?


Nothing is better than that minty, or cinnamony, or citrusy just-cleaned-at-the-dentist feeling.


Regular dental visits help prevent future issues.


If you do have a dental concern, tackle the issue early, when treatment is easier and, potentially, more affordable.


We are excited to announce Dr. Chen is joining our team. The Story City Dental team is ready to help your smile look its best.
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Anxiety-free Dentistry

At Story City Dental, our anxiety-free dentistry can make that dentist’s visit just as satisfying as chocolate and bubble gum. We have…

Is it time for those wisdom teeth to come out?

It doesn’t all have to be a pain.

Thanks to our deep sleep dentistry, we can provide IV sedation to make sure any wisdom teeth procedure is as pain-free as possible.

Plus, the Story City Dental way is to make the insurance process pain-free as well! We’re in-network with nearly all area dental insurance programs. Call (515) 733-0112 or visit or wisdom teeth page  to learn more about wisdom teeth removal and schedule an appointment for your child.

Experience the difference.

At Story City Dental we offer comprehensive care for your entire family and take pride in serving those who have served.


IV sedation/deep sleep dentistry for stress-free procedures.


Root canals and implants to keep you smiling.

Freedom Day was a Success!

We performed $25,711.47 worth in donated dental care to veterans!

We proudly performed:

  • 37 Extractions
  • 10 Deep cleanings
  • 9 Crowns
  • 7 Exams
  • 5 Fillings
  • 4 Prophys
  • 2 Socket Preservations
  • 1 PRF Isolation

We will also provide about $10,000 in patients that need continuing care. Thank you to all the veterans that came in and for your service!