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Wisdom Teeth

End of the year special

$1500 for 3 or 4 wisdom teeth with IV deep sedation/GA

*Limitations apply.


*A 2.9% processing fee will be added to your total cost if a credit card is used.


Dr. Binkowski has routinely been doing wisdom tooth surgeries since 2011 and is the owner of Iowa Wisdom Teeth (West Des Moines and North Liberty).  This year alone he has removed over 5500 wisdom teeth -more than 75% of which are impacted.  With the use of a medical provider who is specialized in anesthesia (CRNA), our patients fall asleep very quickly, stay asleep for the whole surgery and wake quickly.  There is no exception to this.  We simply want to pass this significant saving onto our patients!

No, you can request an appointment.  Remember, your dentist has referred you for a service they don’t feel comfortable providing, it is your choice WHERE you go and HOW MUCH you’d like to spend.

If you or your young adult is between the age of 14 and 24, we can simply do a same day consult, X-ray image and surgery.  Because we do so many surgeries, we’ve seen just about any variation of any impaction you bring to us.

Implants Special

$3500- Surgical Placement AND Full Restoration

Add additional dental implants in the same quadrant for $2500 each

*Limitations apply

What is included

  1. 3D Xray image, plan, surgical guide fabrication
  2. Surgical placement of dental implant
  3. Custom titanium abutment
  4. Full Zirconia Crown using CEREC technology


  1. Consult required before surgery can be scheduled.
  2. $100 consult fee must be paid to schedule consult – this is nonrefundable, but can be credited towards total treatment cost.
  3. Small volume CBCT used to assess implant site
  4. Tooth removal fee is NOT included in this
  5. 50% of total cost is required to schedule surgery, this fee is non-refundable.
  6. Cash, Check, HSA, and Credit Card are all accepted forms of payment
  7. This special cannot be combined with any Insurance plans.
  8. Additional implants special is limited to one extra implant per quadrant at further reduced price of $2500

Consultation must be done by December 28, 2023 in order for this special to be honored through June 27, 2023.

Crowns Special

Coming soon

Check back later

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