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General Dentistry under IV Sedation

IV Sedation Dentistry

The Reliable Option for Dental Anxiety

We have seen countless patients neglect their dental health out of fear of the dentist. Previous bad experiences, like not getting numb or a strong gag reflex, have caused a severe dental phobia that prevents them from seeking the care they need. Anxious patients often come to us when neglect of a simple dental problem has gotten out of hand, worsening to a pain level that prevents them from functioning normally on a daily basis.

Story City Dental is the only general dentistry office in the state of Iowa offering all services under IV sedation — this includes cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals, surgical extractions and removal of impacted wisdom teeth, or combinations of these procedures. At our office, you can literally complete ALL desired dental care in one or two appointments while you sleep.

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