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Dental Anxiety

We ensure a pleasant experience

Eliminate the stress from your dental visit

Dental anxiety is a real thing — you are not alone! Among the general population, dental anxiety is common; roughly 80 percent of adults experience some form of anxiety about going to the dentist. Anxiety over dental care arises from fear of not getting numb, worry of a repeat bad experience from a previous appointment, dread of remaining seated for long periods of time, or distress over a severe gag reflex that prevents work from being done.

A visit to the dentist does not have to be stressful! At Story City Dental, we take extra steps to ensure you have a pleasant experience with an added touch of calm. We have a variety of options available to all of our patients to remove the stress from their dental experience:

  • A warm blanket and pillow
  • Overhead high-definition TVs
  • Bose noise-cancelling cordless headphones
  • Our comfort dog, Bear
  • IV Sedation

IV Sedation Dentistry

The Reliable Option for Dental Anxiety

We have seen countless patients neglect their dental health out of fear of the dentist. Previous bad experiences, like not getting numb or a strong gag reflex, have caused a severe dental phobia that prevents them from seeking the care they need. Anxious patients often come to us when neglect of a simple dental problem has gotten out of hand, worsening to a pain level that prevents them from functioning normally on a daily basis.

There’s no reason to let dental anxiety prevent you from getting the care you deserve —consider IV sedation for stress-free dental appointments!


An added touch of calm

As an extra measure of support, Bear, our calming comfort dog, is available to stand by your side through your procedure.

Studies have proven the therapeutic benefits of animals: Pets can help us relax, lower our blood pressure, assist with pain management, and even improve our mood.

This dental office was a great experience super clean too!! Considering the drive is well worth it.. The Story City Dental staff were welcoming and professional. My child was well taken care of, I left very a Happy.“
Saby Ayala
After 30+ years of using the same dentist, we tried Story City Dental. We'll never return to our previous provider. The entire staff at Story City Dental are personable and professional. The team did an awesome job of involving my daughter (age 6) in her exam and praised her for her efforts to maintain her healthy smile. She learned about her teeth and I learned what to expect in upcoming visits for kid dental care. My cleaning was done very well and everyone took the time to answer all my questions. Beyond satisfied!
Casey Pribyl

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