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Wisdom Teeth and Extractions

beyond your typical general dentistry office

wide range of surgical services

We offer a wide range of surgical services at story city dental beyond what is found in a typical general dentistry office.  Advanced residency based surgical training acquired through the Air Force’s AEGD-1 training programs has allowed Dr Binkowski to excel at removing nearly any tooth in the mouth safely, efficiently, painlessly and most important- comfortably.  This includes surgical extractions as well as removal of teeth that are fully encased in bone (full bony impactions).  Dr Binkowski is also the owner of Iowa Wisdom Teeth (located in North Liberty Iowa and West Des Moines Iowa) where he provides affordable, efficient, safe wisdom tooth removal services.  Hence, it is extremely rare for us to refer an extraction of a tooth to a specialist from our office.

In-house services WE OFFER

IV Deep Sedation / General Anesthesia – provided by a CRNA in office

Simple and surgical extractions of all teeth in the mouth

Wisdom tooth removal including fully impacted wisdom teeth

Full mouth extractions in preparation for dentures

Socket preservation in preparation for implant placement

Implant Placement

Anesthesia for Oral Surgery

Painless, comfortable, and effective on every patient, every time

Dr Binkowski has been providing IV sedation for over a decade for oral surgery services as well as general dentistry and intimately understands that the IV sedation component is what provides a comfortable experience, not the numbness.  Local anesthetic DOES NOT provide relief from the sounds and sensations of tooth removal, it only makes it painless.  Since 2017 we have taken comfort to another level by providing office based deep sedation / general anesthesia to our patients using a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  Their job is to ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible through access to a substantially wider range of IV sedation medications that routinely deliver pain-free, memory free surgical appointments. 

After check in with our front desk, one of our highly trained dental assistants will take you to one of our treatment suites.  If you are only desiring to be numbed and have a tooth removed, they will review treatment and post op instructions with you and can answer any questions you may have.  Dr. Binkowski or Dr. Chen will then numb the area where the tooth is to be removed.  Generally both doctors will give the local anesthetic 8-10 minutes to work before returning and testing the area around the tooth to ensure that everything is actually numb before removing the tooth. A numb lip or numb tongue is a sign that the tooth may be numb but is not a guarantee, hence why we use cold testing of teeth in the area before we continue with treatment.  Absence of cold sensation on teeth is the best indicator of numbness.  Once numbness is confirmed, the tooth is removed.  Dr. Binkowski rarely used “forceps” and routinely jokes that he doesn’t “pull teeth” because he doesn’t use forceps.  Most extractions of non-wisdom teeth take less than a couple minutes once numbed, and we routinely find most of the appointment time is consumed waiting for the local anesthetic to work AND confirming that it has worked before proceeding with any surgery.

If you have decided to take advantage of IV sedation, the appointment is very similar from check-in to chair.  Once in the surgical suite, the CRNA will review your health history with you while one of our assistants will place monitors on you that record your breathing, heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide output.  The CRNA will then start an IV in your hand or arm.  Once placed they will drift you off to sleep.  Only after you are asleep will Dr. Binkowski numb your mouth and remove the select tooth or teeth.  You will not awake until the procedure is complete as the CRNA closely monitors your to ensure you stay asleep.  Most people wake up 2-8 minutes after we are completely done.

If you are not a patient of record and simply were referred to us to have a tooth removed or you were referred to an Oral surgeons office but wanted a more affordable option, you can bring in any referral form you were given (even if it’s for another office).  We do NOT charge for consultation – just bring in your referral form from another office and we will complete the treatment.  We are a general dentistry office and as such our fees will be more affordable than an oral surgery office.

know when to remove

Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth typically come in between the ages of 17 and 25.  During this time, its best to monitor their growth and potential for not being able to come into place.  Determination of when to remove wisdom teeth is NOT based on age, it is based on development of your jaws with respect to the wisdom teeth AND the developmental progress of the roots.  We highly recommend removal of wisdom teeth that have 1/2-3/4 root development that will not have enough space to full come in.  When wisdom teeth are removed at this point, it is a very quick procedure with extremely low risk of any complications.  Because the surgery and anesthesia are separate jobs at our office (not 1 provider doing two jobs), the appointment for this in our office is safer, always painless, and always memory free on every patient, every time.  Because we are a general dentistry office, the out of pocket cost will always be lower than an oral surgeons office as well.

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