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IV Sedation

IV Sedation

Your reliable option for pain-free, anxiety-free dentistry

Not all sedation dentistry is equal, and consequently not all IV sedation dentistry is equal. Many dentists advertise themselves as “sedation dentists” but are not providing true sedation. In many cases, they are simply using oral sedatives (pills) in a way they weren’t intended to be used.

Story City Dental provides true sedation dentistry utilizing IV sedation for any needed dental care. The same IV sedation you would find in an oral surgeon’s office.  IV deep sedation far surpasses the level of comfort and safety that any other type of office-based sedation provides.

Overcome dental anxiety, inability to get numb or a strong gag reflex

IV Sedation:
Comfortable, pain-free dental care

We have seen countless patients neglect their dental health out of fear of the dentist. Previous bad experiences, like not getting numb or a strong gag reflex, have caused a severe dental phobia that prevents them from seeking the care they need. Anxious patients often come to us when neglect of a simple dental problem has gotten out of hand, worsening to a pain level that prevents them from functioning normally on a daily basis.

There’s no reason to let dental anxiety prevent you from getting the care you deserve —consider IV sedation for stress-free dental appointments!

Found in our office only

A unique type of IV sedation

IV sedation at our office is provided by a certified registered nurse anesthetist and customized to each patient’s needs, ensuring relief to patients who harbor anxieties about going to the dentist. By using a CRNA, we are able to provide a deeper level of IV sedation close to unconsciousness. Every patient experiences a blissful, anxiety-free visit with IV sedation — and finds more confidence to keep returning to the dentist for optimal dental health.

IV Sedation considerations

Am I a good candidate?

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist out of fear, anxiety, an inability to get numb or a strong gag reflex, and you’re interested in sleeping through your appointment to get the dental care you need, then yes! IV sedation can help you overcome these issues.

Prior to using IV sedation, you will meet for a pre-op appointment to discuss your health history and to perform a simple physical. If he, in consultation with his CRNA, determines you are a good candidate* and it is safe to sedate you, then you will be scheduled for your appointment with IV sedation.

*Patients who are not good candidates for IV sedation include those with documented sleep apnea, COPD, uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled blood pressure, or other conditions that could put the patient at risk for adverse reactions to IV sedation.

Go to sleep and wake up

You won’t remember your appointment

Patients describe IV sedation dentistry at our office as a “go to sleep and wake up when it’s done” option. Eliminate your anxiety by experiencing no pain or memory of the appointment.

Day of your Appointment

What to Expect


The day of the procedure, you will be connected to a monitor for heart rhythm, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation, as well as breathing and CO2 output.


An IV line is then started in either your hand or arm. All drugs used for the sedation are administered through a port in the IV line.


After a desired level of sedation is achieved, your mouth will then be numbed with a local anesthetic for the planned procedure.


During the procedure, your mouth will continuously be suctioned, preventing you from inhaling or swallowing anything while you’re asleep. Note: this is not an intubation procedure and nothing is placed in the throat.


Once your procedure is complete, we’ll stop the infusion and you’ll wake up within two to ten minutes. This cannot be done with oral sedation.


Once you are awake and ready to leave, you must be driven home by someone you know — the amnesic effects of the drugs last not only for the duration of the procedure but for some time afterwards.

All patients we talk to post-operatively tell us they remember nothing of the procedure, making the dental visit very relaxing. Because of our strong, multi-year partnership with Heartland Anesthesia, this service is exclusive to our office and is provided safely to every patient that desires it.

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