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Same Day Crowns

Digital Chairside Dentistry with CEREC

Story City Dental has been providing same day crowns using the CEREC system since January 2021.  The CEREC system allows us to provide the highest quality same day crowns in the least amount of chair time of any system on the market.  It is comprised of 3 components all made by the same company along with the workflow software.  This allows for the fabrication of multiple types of ceramic crowns as well as veneers and bridges in one single visit with zero additional cost to the patient.

Why single visit crowns?

By milling, sintering and delivering your crown on site, we are able to completely fabricate your crown while you are sitting in our office. This means you get numb once, only have to make a trip to our office once, and only need to miss out on work for one appointment. No need to wait with a temporary crown for 2-3 weeks while a dental lab makes the permanent crown. Since the doctors are the ones designing your crowns, they know exactly where the edges of the crowns are, removing any guesswork if the crowns were sent to an outside dental lab. In the event the crown shade is slightly off compared to the rest of your teeth, we can simply mill a second crown.

What are the advantage of the CEREC?

5-12 min mill, 5 minutes of post processing by hand, 19-24 min fire, 5 minutes of post-fire polishing, then delivery with little to no adjustments because our software is calibrated to our ideal parameters (flossing contacts, bite contacts, contour) based on material type.

There are 20+ different materials that can be milled on a CEREC mill. We select the material that best fits the clinical scenario and our software is able to accurately mill the material for the best strength and esthetics.

The entire system is designed by one company with an easy to follow workflow for crowns, veneers, bridges, and implant restorations.

The CEREC PrimeScan is not only used for scanning tooth preps. It can also be used to scan your mouth for aligner therapy, retainers, nightguards, mouthguards, diagnostic models for partials/dentures, smile analysis for multiple veneers, and bite analysis as part of full mouth rehabilitation. Our dental assistants and hygienists are trained how to use this scanner. Our dental assistants are also trained how to process crowns and veneers after it has been milled.

CEREC was the first company to patent and market fully functional scanning and milling systems for dental.  The CEREC PRIME system represents the newest generation of the scanner and mill system.

A wise choice

Your time is valuable!

CEREC has designed a system around this concept.  Crown mill time can range from as little as 3.5minutes to 12minutes for single teeth.  The vast majority of crowns we mill are high strength translucent zirconia (specifically CEREC MTL and Katana Blocks) that have a good balance of strength and esthetics.

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