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Our Comfort Dog: Bear


Why We Have Bear

We know how stressful going to the dentist can be. That’s why we have Bear, Story City Dental’s comfort dog. Bear is an English doodle, which means he’s one-half English cream golden retriever and one-half poodle—and 100% cuddly and lovable. Bear can stay by your side during your procedure, or he’ll even hop up on the chair with you.

Studies have proven the therapeutic benefits of animals: Pets can help us relax, lower our blood pressure and assist with pain management. Animal-assisted therapy can even improve our mood.

Based on anecdotal evidence, health-care facilities are more and more interested in using animal-assisted therapy, though it’s not terribly common in the dental field, putting Story City Dental ahead of dental offices nationwide. According to RDH, the National Magazine for Dental Hygiene Professionals, animal-assisted therapy “may be able to reduce anxiety and improve the dental experience” for patients. One study has shown that children who said they were stressed when going to the dentist had less distress after using a companion dog, like Bear.



  • Dr. B’s daughters gave Bear his name because they thought he looked like a polar bear.
  • His favorite place to be is at your side.
  • The Binkowskis love everything about Bear—except for the holes he digs in their backyard!

He passed!

Bear has passed his Canine Good Citizen test. He is one step closer to taking his therapy dog exam.