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Dental insurance can be a great benefit for those receiving it through their employer.  While we don’t feel one dental insurance is better than another, we have found that Delta Dental in general is very patient and provider friendly.  Hence, Dr Binkowski has been a Delta Premier provider since 2012 and Dr Chen has been since 2018.  However, one thing we’d like our patients to understand is that dental insurance is inherently designed to cover minimal necessary care, not the standard of care. The treatment we recommend to our patients is based off our years of clinical experience and training and is customized to each individual — we want your dental work to last and will not compromise our high quality of work standards due to arbitrary insurance limitations.

We are In-network providers for:

We do not currently accept Delta Wellness, MCNA, MEDICAID or any state-sponsored insurances.

We are Out-of-Network Providers for

We welcome patients who have out of network insurances. While we are out of network with most insurance plans, we will still file your insurance as a courtesy. Please call our office and our patient care coordinator can explain what the out of network process will look like for you and your family.

No insurance?

Out-of-network does not mean out-of-luck

If you, like one of the 25% of the patients we see at Story City Dental that has a dental insurance other than Delta Dental, you can still use your benefits at our office.  We have found the benefit levels for you seeing an out-of-network provider vs in-network are nearly identical.  The only difference is that the cost of treatment is paid for up front by you and your dental insurance company reimburses you directly.  We still file your insurance claim for you, and you will receive a check in the mail in 15-30 days for the portion of treatment your benefits cover.  We have found that by assigning benefits to our patients for reimbursement of care on our out-of-network plans, the claims are paid to them substantially faster with almost no issues.  This is because the dental insurance company has to answer directly to their customer (you) when they attempt to not honor their contracted benefits.  If you don’t trust your dental insurance company to reimburse you, the beneficiary, why should we trust them to reimburse us?

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