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Preventative Dentistry

Give your dental routine regular attention

For Life-Long Oral Health

When you give your dental health regular attention, you can avoid unnecessary pain and expensive restorative procedures. While ongoing dental hygiene at home is important, it is very important to receive regular six-month exams, professional cleanings, and oral cancer screenings at Story City Dental. Our dentists and hygienists will provide tips unique to your dental needs and take the time to ensure you’re on track to excellent long-term dental health.

By monitoring and tracking your oral health, Story City Dental can diagnose and treat small dental issues before they become large, expensive complications in the future. While your teeth may be in great shape now, changes in your at-home oral hygiene habits and diet can impact your long-term dental health, including issues such as cavities and gum tissue inflammation. We can spot dental problems early, preventing larger and more expensive ones in the future.

For professional dental cleanings and exams, the American Dental Association advises seeing a dentist every six months. At bi-annual appointments, our dental hygienist will remove plaque and stains that regular brushing cannot remove. Your dentist will check for signs of tooth decay, conduct an oral cancer screening, and advise you on any other dental issues.

We will take a set of X-rays to see between your teeth as well as all of them at once. Then, Dr. Binkowski or Dr. Chen will discuss the current state of your oral health and present a plan for restoring areas that need attention now or in the future. Our hygienists will also provide a professional cleaning using silent, cordless hand pieces for extra comfort. New patient exams with a cleaning typically take 60 minutes, and regular, periodic exams and cleaning appointments typically take less than 60 minutes.

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