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Story City Dental provides a wide range of services beyond that of a general dental practice. From preventive dentistry and oral surgery to root canals and implants, Dr. Binkowski can see to it that you’re provided expert, pain-free and stress-free dental care all under the Story City Dental roof. Plus, we open early and stay open late — and even provide same day walk-in appointments — to offer you convenient scheduling options. Find our office right off I-35 from the Story City exit. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy smile for years to come.


Consider IV Sedation

If fear or stress of going to the dentist is keeping you from addressing dental pain or dental health needs, consider IV sedation. Dr. Binkowski is the only general dentist in the greater Story City area that offers IV sedation.  Not only that we offer it for ANY procedure. With IV sedation, patients will fall into a twilight sleep state in which they will feel no pain and remember little if any of the procedure. Contact our office for more information or to schedule a pre-op appointment.

Anxiety-Free Dentistry

From painless injections, advanced anxiety and pain management techniques, when you visit Story City Dental, you’ll also have access to warm blankets, pillows, Bose™ noise canceling headphones and in-operatory 29″ high-definition televisions. We know you’ll find comfort and confidence in maintaining your dental health at Story City Dental. Learn more about our anxiety-free approach to dentistry.

No insurance? Not a problem!


Story City Dental understands that not everyone has access to employer-based dental benefits, so we offer a monthly dental savings plan that covers annual cleanings, exams and X-rays as well as provides access to similar benefits that patients who have insurance are taking advantage of. While several other offices in the area offer dental savings plans, ours offers a more comprehensive list of services that are covered under reduced fees. These include special rates on implant placement and restorations, IV sedation, periodontal surgery, invisalign and much more. Please check out our dental savings plans to see what we have to offer.


Story City Dental is an in-network provider of Delta Dental, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Guardian, MetLife and several others. By visiting an in-network dental office covered by your dental insurance, you will reap the benefits of more-affordable services.

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