IV Deep Sedation*

For Pain-Free, Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Dr. Binkowski is the only general dentist in the greater Story City and Ames area and one of the few in Central Iowa to offer IV sedation for any procedure. If you opt for this level of anesthesia, you’ll enjoy a unparalleled level of relaxation during dental procedures that surpasses oral sedation, helping you overcome any fears or anxieties that have kept you from receiving the dental work you need.

What can a patient expect?

What is IV Deep Sedation?

IV deep sedation is the most-effective method for achieving rapid sedation (and by far our most popular), controlling dental anxiety and producing a sleep effect stronger than IV moderate sedation. You will achieve an even deeper level of sedation bordering on unconsciousness — which is why most oral surgeons turn to it for wisdom teeth extractions. Sleep is guaranteed and patients tend to fall into a “depressed level of consciousness” where they may or may not be able to respond to stimuli. No memory of the procedure will exist after completion of the surgery. While our experienced CRNA can tailor each patient’s deep sleep with a variation of medications, the main IV medications used for deep sedation are Propofol and Ketamine. The main difference between what we offer and what you will find in an oral surgery office is that our CRNA is responsible to patient monitoring and anesthesia so Dr. Binkowski can concentrate on the procedure.

Secondly we do not hand-dose the sedative; we use a drug-infusion pump that allows us to keep a steady, safe level of deep sedation through the duration of the procedure. Action of the drugs is seen immediately in real-time. Like IV moderate sedation, the same pre-op appointment is required. In some cases consultation with the patient’s managing physician pre-op is required. A separate appointment is made for the dental procedure (with the IV sedation). Again, there are no same-day appointments for IV sedation at Story City Dental. The same patient exclusions apply for deep sedation that apply for moderate IV sedation. Deep sedation uses the same monitoring equipment as IV moderate sedation with the difference only being the type of drugs and the way they are administered. The patient must be driven home by their escort. The amnesic effects of the drug last for the duration of the procedure and for some time afterwards. Patients we talk to at post-op all say they only remember falling asleep and waking at the end, nothing else, and they wish they could have always done all their dental work under IV sedation.

*This service is only provided by our CRNA.

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