Deep Sleep Dentistry

Not all sedation dentistry is equal, and consequently not all IV sedation dentistry is equal either. Many dentists that advertise themselves as “sedation dentists” are not providing true sedation and in many cases are simply using oral sedatives in a way they are not intended to be used. Story City Dental provides true sedation (sleep) dentistry utilizing IV sedation. Currently we are the only general dentistry practice in the area that offers IV moderate and deep sedation in-office, as well as general anesthesia services at Story County Medical Center. All three of these services far surpass the level of comfort and safety that can be provided compared to offices that simply use oral sedatives and “laughing gas” for sleep dentistry.

Your Anxiety Control and True Sleep Dentistry Options

Many people harbor fear for the dentist. We have seen countless patients neglect their dental health due to previous bad experiences. Usually these anxious patients come into our office when neglect of a simple dental problem has been allowed to worsen and now the pain is preventing them from functioning normally on a daily basis.

There’s no reason to let pain grow to these levels of severity, though. There are many different options for anxiety control during an appointment to ensure a good patient experience.

Read on to learn how IV sedation can benefit extremely anxious patients.

Story City Dental is the only general dentistry office in the state that offers three substantially more effective forms of anesthesia for dental work.

What is Deep Sleep Dentistry?

Deep Sleep Sedation through IV sedation guarantees relief to patients who harbor anxieties about going to the dentist. At Story City Dental, you can choose between moderate sedation, in which you’ll drift in and out of a sleep state, or deep sedation, in which a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) helps you achieve a deeper sleep state close to unconsciousness. Regardless whether moderate or deep sedation, patients experience a blissful, anxiety-free visit with IV sedation — and find more confidence to keep returning to the dentist for optimal dental health.

Am I a good candidate?

Are you someone who would like to sleep through your appointment and have no memory of it? Do you avoid visiting the dentist — even if you’re experiencing tooth pain — from fear or anxiety? IV sedation could be a good option for you. Prior to using IV sedation, Dr. Binkowski will meet with you for a pre-op appointment to discuss your health history and to perform a simple physical. If he determines you are a good candidate* and it is safe to sedate you, then you will be scheduled for your appointment with IV sedation.

*Patients who are not good candidates for IV sedation include those who have documented sleep apnea, COPD, uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled blood pressure or other conditions that could put the patient at heightened risks for troubles.

How would you like to not remember your dental appointment?

Patients describe a spectrum of sensations when under IV sedation, from extreme relaxation to intense euphoria. And while patients often can respond to direction from the dentist, this can be heavily delayed depending on the level of sedation. One common experience between patients, both with moderate and deep IV sedation, is that all cannot remember the procedure or report remembering just bits and pieces, to which they are thankful.

Our Deep Sleep Dentistry Options

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Deep Sleep Dentistry

Am I a Good Candidate for
IV Sedation?

IV Moderate and Deep Sedation Benefits Far Exceed Oral Sedation

IV moderate and deep sedation can benefit patients for a number of reasons:

  1. Rapid to Very Rapid onset
  2. Its titratable nature
  3. An IV access will already be present in cases of emergency
  4. Use of powerful IV painkillers during the procedure
  5. Ability to immediately administer non-narcotic painkillers post-op
  6. Ability to administer anti-emetics post-op
  7. A more highly trained operator1,2
  8. The use of a Certified Registered Nurse anesthetist (CRNA) to provide anesthesia makes the entire procedure safer (The surgeon is not also the anesthesiologist)
  9. Patient vitals are constantly monitored during procedure by the operator or the auxillary3
    During deep sedation there are two providers in the room who can provide ACLS

With IV sedation, what used to take multiple appointments can now be completed in 1 or 2 long appointments with no memory of the procedure. Even the most dental phobic patients will find dental treatment pain-free and comfortable allowing them to take back control of their dental health.

1 Iv Moderate sedation training requires 60 hours didactic training followed by 20+ solo cases by the dentist at an ADA approved training program as well as ACLS
2 IV deep sedation provided by a CRNA which has completed an anesthesia residency as well as ACLS and PALS training.
3 heart rate/rhythm, breathing/ EtCO2, spO2, and BP all monitored

Quality Dentistry while you sleep

Oral sedation is available

We use oral sedation with patients who require only a mild amount of anxiety control during procedures or we prescribe oral sedation to patients pre-op so that they can rest easily the night before their appointment.

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