If you have lost some or all of your teeth from injury, tooth decay or gum disease, you may be suffering from eating difficulty and an overall loss of confidence with your appearance. Story City Dental can help with implant-retained bridges.

*If you are looking for a classic denture, then Story City Dental recommends that patients see a prosthodontist to get the best possible denture and fit for their long-term comfort. We do not offer these in-house anymore.

Dental hygienist reviewing x-ray with patient

10 Reasons Why Story City Dental Does Dentures Best

  1. We educate our patients.
    Story City Dental never dictates dental services to you. Our staff and dentist will discuss all of your treatment options and take the time to explain why one might have more success than another — and then the choice of procedure remains in your hands, because it is your mouth after all.Many of our patients come from large dental chain offices that spend thousands of dollars on TV ads that convince patients the sky is falling and they need to pull all their teeth. There are patients who may benefit from having the remainder of their teeth removed and from receiving dentures, however, this is not always the case.We take the time to complete a comprehensive exam, a full periodontal charting and full set of X-rays to create a whole picture of your dental health and needs, as well as learn your goals of treatment.
  1. We do not sell different levels of denture types.
    We don’t used terms like “economy,” “basic,” “gold” or “platinum” when discussing dentures. You will get the best-fitting dentures made from the best materials based off your needs, not what you can afford. (Note: Our office is happy to discuss your financial options; we also offer a dental savings plan.)
  1. We do not offer same-day dentures.
    Same-day dentures sounds like a positive in a perfect world, however, many issues can arise from rushing dentures. Story City Dental follows all the appropriate steps to ensure your dentures will be functional, comfortable and lasting. If there is an issue with fit at any point in the process, we will pause and work out the problem and only move on once its solved and you are happy with the end results.
  1. One dentist will handle the entire procedure and process.
    No more going from dental office to specialist to another dental office, etc. Dr. Binkowski, Story City Dental’s dentist, does it all. From handling the preliminary exam and conversation about your goals, to fabrication of the dentures, to the surgery and anesthesia (if teeth need removed), he’s the only one who you’ll have to deal with. This will keep your costs lower and keep your end results in tune with what you want and need.
  1. Story City Dental is locally owned and operated.
    Dr. Binkowski owns and operates Story City Dental. You’ll see him every appointment, for all appointments. If you have any questions or concerns, he will be there to discuss them with you. If you have a long history of dental issues, he’ll learn and know it. If you call in with an issue, he’ll take the time to phone you back personally.
  1. Our treatments will never surprise you.
    We work hard to thoroughly outline your treatment plan, your cost of treatment and what you can expect from the treatment in both the short and long term.
  1. We are in-network with almost all major insurance providers in the area.
    And for those without dental insurance, Story City Dental offers a dental membership plan that can give you similar pricing to what dental insurance offers.
  1. We are not a chain or corporation.
    Our entire focus and goal is to serve you, your dental needs and your best interests — not a corporation’s. We listen to you, actually listen to you. We offer comfort perks, like a cup of coffee. We take our time, ensuring your every dental need is attended to.
  1. We are easy to find.
    You’ll find our new office right off I-35 on the Story City, Iowa, exit.
  1. Dr Binkowski loves his job and his practice.
    And his passion shows in his work. See some of our satisfied patients’ natural looking smiles and hear what they think!