Dental Savings Plan

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In-House Dental Savings Plan

Paying for dental procedures out of pocket can be difficult without dental insurance or on a fixed budget. Sometimes this means a large expense. Sometimes this means avoiding the dentist completely — or until something has gone untreated long enough and the pain is too severe.

While you don’t need dental insurance to access exceptional care at Story City Dental, we want to improve your access to quality dental care. So we’ve designed an In-House Dental Savings Plan that provides all basic dental care for less than $1 per day. No waits. No gimmicks. No catch. You can use the In-House Dental Savings Plan from your first visit and all the others—we just want to ensure you’re receiving the routine care that will keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Why Story City Dental’s Plan?

Your dental health is important to your overall health and wellbeing — and even confidence. You deserve exceptional dental care that’s accessible on your budget. Story City Dental is the only office in the Story City area to provide gentle comprehensive care in a state-of-the-art facility. From surgical implant placements to molar root canals to oral surgery, periodontal surgery and cosmetic and general dentistry, you can find all the dental care you need under one roof with the benefit of savings and discounts.

Dental Plan members also will receive a 30% discount on IV sedation services,* which no other general dentistry office in the area can offer.

*A simple physical exam with review of health history is required prior choosing this option. Not all patient may be healthy enough to exercise this option.

Discover the Right In-House Dental Plan For Your Needs

  • Individual Plan

  • $349per year
  • The individual plan is ideal for patients who have no previous or current periodontal concerns or needs.

    • One comprehensive exam (first year only; needed to initiate plan)
    • One annual exam (in the first year and two in every year after)
    • One emergency exam
    • Two cleanings (non-periodontal based)
    • Two oral cancer screenings
    • Two fluoride tooth desensitizing treatments
    • 4x bitewing X-rays (every year)
    • One panoramic X-ray (once every two years)
    • Individual X-rays needed throughout the year
    • 50% of any additional cleanings
    • 25% off fillings, core build-ups, oral surgery, root canals, crowns, veneers, partials and implants (both placement and restoration)
    • $500 off Invisalign
    • 10% discount on Sonicare toothbrush (maximum of 3 per family with family plan)

  • Periodontal Plan

  • $449per year
  • The periodontal plan is ideal for patients who are in need of periodontal cleanings and maintenance. This plan covers the basics of the Individual Plan plus periodontal services and additional discounts to elective services.

    • All services and offerings from Individual Plan
    • 25% off scaling and root planing (usually needed once every two years)
    • 50% off Arrestin placement (unlimited)
    • Four cleanings/year (periodontal maintenance)

  • Family Plan

  • Starting at $575per year
  • For immediate family members parents and their kids (up to the age of 24)

    2 Member

    3 Member

    4 Member
    $917 /year

    Additional members
    $110 per person

    Add $75 for each family member that requires periodontal cleaning

How does Story City Dental’s In-House Dental Savings Plan compare to a privately purchased insurance plan from Delta Dental?

See for yourself:

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Iowa”
  3. Type in your ZIP code
  4. Indicate the number of people in your plan
  5. See estimated cost per year and compare to our dental savings plan.

Basic coverage ranges from $43 to $63 a month — and you still have to pay for a portion of basic treatment (cleaning, exams and X-rays).

Plan Type1 Person2 People3 or More People
Delta Dental annual PPO Plan A$516/year$1,020/year$1,452/year
Delta Dental annual PPO Plan B$756/year$1,516/year$2,304/year
The Story City Dental In-House Dental Savings Plan$349/year$575/year$752/year
You Could Save Annually$167-407$445-941$700-1,552

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