Oral Surgery & Wisdom Teeth

Oral Surgery

While most dental clinics offer simple tooth extractions, Story City Dental is proud to provide a variety of oral surgery services above and beyond simple extractions. Dr. Binkowski has more than seven years’ experience with surgical extractions of any tooth, including partial and fully impacted wisdom teeth and replacing non-restorable teeth with implants. First, since we offer these services in-house, we do not charge consultation fees to our patients of record. Second, because we are a general dentistry office, our fee schedule for surgical procedures is much more affordable.


When would I need oral surgery?

Signs and symptoms  leading to the need for oral surgery vary greatly. It usually revolves around but is not limited to needing teeth extracted that cannot be fixed, removal of wisdom teeth, removal of teeth for orthodontics, bone grafting or placement of implants. In some cases patients choose to remove teeth that could be saved with endodontics but may decide to have the tooth or teeth extracted due to financial reasons. Whatever has been troubling you, oral surgery may be the answer to your dental problem.

What kind of oral surgery procedures does Story City Dental provide?

  • Simple extractions
  • Surgical extractions
  • Wisdom tooth removal (all types)
  • Full mouth extractions (for dentures)
  • Alveoloplasty/tori reduction/preprosthetic surgery
  • Socket preservation (in anticipation of implant placement later)
  • Implant site development  (limited for case-by-case basis)
  • Implant placement (including immediate placement when possible)
  • IV Moderate Sedation*
  • IV Deep Sedation*
  • General Anesthesia*

What can I expect at Story City Dental?

Your care and comfort are our utmost concerns at Story City Dental. As the only general dentist in the greater Story City area to offer IV sedation, Dr. Binkowski can help you overcome any fears, anxieties and pain that may keep you from getting the dental care you need. We’ll discuss different anesthesia options that can make your visits as comfortable as possible at your consultation and what to expect for your procedure.

*IV moderate, deep sedation or general anesthesia are available options to make you more comfortable during the procedure. Since we offer these services in-house, we don’t charge a consultation fee for non-patients of record (people looking to only have this done and go back to their dental home), and we provide services based on a general dentistry fee schedule, which helps dental insurance benefits have a greater impact on the reduction of out-of-pocket expenses. General anesthesia is provided by Story City Medical Center in an OR setting (not provided in office)

Dental hygienist reviewing x-ray with patient

Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth typically come in between the ages of 17 and 25, and your dentist will monitor their growth and potential impact on the rest of your mouth through X-rays and examination. Story City Dental is proud to offer wisdom teeth removal with IV deep sedation in-house, the exact same sedation you’d find at an oral surgery office. If you or your kids are a patient of record at another dental office and have been referred to have wisdom teeth removed with or without IV sedation, we can provide you an estimate for extraction free of charge. Please send us a panoramic X-ray (in JPEG format) along with your insurance information so we can maximize your benefits (we are in-network with more insurances in the area), and we can even coordinate with your home office so they can see you post-operatively to make sure everything is healing normally.



When do my wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Not all wisdom teeth require removal. We’ll monitor the progress of your wisdom teeth as they grow, and we’ll assess whether or not they present a long-term problem. Some reasons for wisdom tooth removal include:

  • Infection of the tissue surrounding a partially erupted wisdom tooth
  • Coming in at the wrong angle (pressing against your other teeth)
  • Inadequate space in your mouth for an extra set of molars
  • Cavities or gum disease

What can I expect at Story City Dental?

As soon as you and Dr. Binkowski decide that wisdom teeth removal is your best option, he’ll set up a pre-op examination to discuss the procedure, any special needs you may require and your anesthesia options, including IV sedation. The surgery itself usually takes less than an hour. Types of impactions we provide surgical services for:

  • Simple extractions
  • Surgical Extractions
  • Soft tissue impactions
  • Part boney impactions
  • Full boney impactions

How long will it take to recover?

Most patients experience minimal pain after the procedure. Swelling generally peaks three days post-op and slowly diminishes in the week afterward, however, age and degree of impaction can play a role in how fast you heal. It may take your mouth a few weeks to heal completely. We will provide you with clear, easy instructions for caring for your mouth during this time to avoid post-op infections and for faster healing.

If you’ve been to another office and want a second opinion on removal of wisdom teeth for a teenager with or without IV anesthesia options, send us a panoramic xray and your insurance information and we can email back a quote that actually takes advantage of your dental insurance (check out all the insurance companies we are in network with).

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