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If you have missing teeth, have been told that one of your teeth cannot be fixed and needs to be extracted, or have dentures that just don’t stay in when you are eating, schedule an appointment at Story City Dental for a consultation for implant placement and restoration. Dr. Binkowski is the only general dentist in the Story City area who surgically places and restores implants, rather than referring you to a specialist, so you’ll have a better handle of its cost after your first consultation. He offers:

  • Immediate placement implants
  • Staged placement
  • Implant site development (grafting)
  • Implants for removable dentures
  • Implants for fixed dentures
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What are implants?

Implants are pure titanium fixtures used for tooth replacement that embed into the bone where a tooth (or teeth) used to be. Over a healing period of four to six months, the implant “integrates” with the bone and then an implant-retained crown can be screwed internally into the implant. The fully restored implant looks and acts like a tooth. And implants are not just to replace a single tooth. Multiple implants can replace multiple teeth.

How much do implants cost?

We understand that the cost of dental implants is an important factor in the decision process. The simple answer is it depends. Just like any medical procedure, the cost of dental implants will vary based on a number of factors. Things like jawbone condition, gum condition, additional procedures needed, anesthesia decisions and what your dental insurance will cover all play a role in the cost of a dental implant. The best way to determine what your implant cost will be is to come in for an exam and consultation to discuss the implant procedure and to check with your dental insurance on coverage.

Why should I consider implants?

Implants, when properly cared for, offer the best long-term solution for tooth replacement. The implant teeth look, feel and provide similar function as the tooth it replaces — without affecting other surrounding teeth such as placing a bridge does. Whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants are longest lasting and most realistic option.

What can I expect?

If you are considering a dental implant, your first visit to Story City Dental will involve a consultation where we’ll thoroughly examine your mouth to determine if you have enough bone to place an implant, and look at your healthy history to make sure there are not any systemic or oral conditions that would affect the outcome of the implant. Lastly, should you desire anesthesia options other than local anesthesia for the implant placement (such as IV sedation), they can be discussed as well. We will then show you a short video of what to expect, so you’ll be prepared for the day of the dental implant procedure. The actual surgical implant placement of one to two implants takes no longer than 60 minutes, with a four- to six-month post-op healing duration before the crown can be placed.

Who Can Benefit?

Many adults who are missing one or more teeth can benefit from dental implants. Missing teeth, teeth that cannot be fixed and need to be extracted or dentures that just don’t stay in are all problems that can be solved by implants. Schedule an appointment at Story City Dental for a consultation for implant placement and restoration. Implants look, fit and function like natural teeth so you’ll look great and feel great. They’re also made to last. When properly cared for, implants can last decades while other options such as certain bridges and dentures need to be replaced every five to 10 years requiring more investment of time and money. Implants are a more permanent solution for missing teeth. Beyond that, they actually help protect your facial bone and remaining healthy teeth. A missing tooth can lead to health issues such as jawbone deterioration. Implants are the only option for tooth replacement that actually stimulate bone growth helping you keep your natural face shape and smile. If you have lost one or more teeth and would like to be confident in your smile again, set up a consultation with Story City Dental today.

Why Choose Story City Dental?

Dr. Binkowski at Story City Dental offers the close convenience of a local dentist with comprehensive services and state-of-the-art equipment that no others in the area can match. Dr. Binkowski is the only general dentist in the Story City area who surgically places and restores implants, streamlining the process and helping to make tooth replacement with implants more affordable. After your first consultation, you’ll have a better handle on what your dental implant will cost than you would with other area dentists. If there are still questions as to implant coverage under your current dental insurance plan, as a courtesy, we always file a pre-determination of benefits through your insurance company on your behalf. Just 25 minutes away from Ames and conveniently located just off the Story City exit, Story City Dental offers more services in-house, which means fewer to no referrals to Des Moines specialists. Dr. Binkowski is a dentist with more years of education and all-around experience than most, but he still wants to know his patients on a first-name basis. You can rest assured that you are being cared for by a knowledgeable and friendly staff. By the way, have you gotten the chance to see the brand new Story City Dental office or our state-of-the-art equipment? Before your first visit you can take a virtual tour of the entire office! Ready to set up a consultation? Click here to get in touch.

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