Hospital Dentistry

Story City Dental offers many services in-house, under our roof. But in some instances, it is safer to perform a dental procedure in a hospital setting, especially with comprehensive dental rehabilitation for patients with medical conditions, psychiatric disorders or physical limitations that require general anesthesia sedation. In order to accommodate all patients and all needs, Dr. Binkowski has received hospital privileges at Story County Medical Center, located at 640 S 19th Street, Nevada, Iowa.


Some patients have medical conditions, psychiatric disorders or physical limitations that prevent them from gaining the dental rehabilitation they need in the Story City Dental office. In these situations, sedation by general anesthesia is often the safest option for Dr. B to perform the dental care needed. And the way general anesthesia affects patients requires us to be in an operating room under the care of a specialized provider.

Learn more about the medical center at Their offices can be reached at 515-382-2111.

How does general anesthesia work?

General anesthesia affects the whole body to induce a loss of consciousness. You won’t feel any pain, and your brain won’t respond with its usual reflexes. This is an overall safe form of pain management, but it does require the oversite and administration of a anesthesiologist and/or CRNA.

In order to determine if this is something you are a candidate for, please set up a consultation with Dr. Binkowski and visit with your primary care provider (PCP) to receive the required medical clearance.

What are the financial costs?

Each patient and each case is different. Many variables such as differences in dental and medical insurance coverage, varying deductibles, lack of insurance and the specific procedure all impact the cost.

  • STORY CITY DENTAL FEES: Professional fees not covered by insurance include a consultation fee of $79. Our office also charges a hospital reservation fee of $239.  This must be paid prior to scheduling your appointment. If you have insurance we will file the Hospital fee on your behalf. Once the claim is processed and payment has been received in our office any overpayment that was made will be refunded to the patient. Once a hospital reservation fee is paid, the estimated patient portion of the procedure is due within 10 days. If it is not paid within 10 days in full, then the patient will be taken off the OR schedule and lose their reservation fee. If you have financial questions, contact our office at 515-212-3572 and ask for our financial coordinator to answer any concerns.
  • STORY COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER FEES: The hospital will bill for anesthesia and OR time, submitting it through medical insurance. If patients have a deductible that has not been met, they should expect out-of-pocket expenses. Patients need to call their insurance company prior to surgery to find out — this is the patient’s responsibility. If you have questions about your Story County Medical Center bill, please call 515-382-2111 to talk to the billing department.

What can I expect?

  1. Meet with Dr. Binkowski for a consultation to determine if I am a hospital candidate.
  2. Provide my demographic information, medical insurance information and dental insurance information to Dr. Binkowski and Story County Medical Center for billing purposes.
  3. Complete a thorough medical history form and medication list in order to help determine if I am a good candidate for general anesthesia.
  4. Schedule a pre-op physical to have my PCP determine if I am a good candidate for general anesthesia.
  5. Fax my pre-op physical to Story County Medical Center as soon as possible at 515-382-7766. (Please note that your pre-op physical is good for only 30 days.)
  6. If Dr. Binkowski and my PCP both determine hospital dentistry is a safe option for me, then I will pay the $239 hospital reservation fee in order to be scheduled.
  1. Call my insurance to determine their coverage, my deductible and what my financial costs will potentially amount to.
  2. Story City Dental will provide the hospital with the information you provide them.
  3. Story County Medical Center will call you with pre-surgical instructions, usually 7-10 days before the procedure, as well as mail instructions to you or the Power of Attorney.
  4. Story County Medical Center will begin their own pre-authorization process for the anesthesia and operating room time as soon as they receive your information. Note, this can often take several weeks.
  5. Story County Medical Center will contact patients about a week prior to surgery to provide details for when to arrive.
  6. You must follow all pre-surgical instructions and show up on time for surgery.
  7. Post-op check-up with Dr. Binkowski will be a week after surgery and will be scheduled at the same time surgery is schedule with Story City Dental.


  2. Dr. B will meet you in pre-op prior to the scheduled appointment and review the procedure and planned procedure. We will also go over any questions you may have.
  3. Family or an escort can see you in recovery afterwards once staff has decided you are lucid enough for visitors.


  1. Medical Power of Attorney papers must be presented for communication with hospital staff.
  2. If a patient has a POA, the POA MUST be present or available by phone for consent the day of surgery.
  3. Arrangements need to be made for patient supervision for 24 hours post general anesthesia.
  4. Power of Attorney should call insurance, if there are insurance questions.
  5. Power of Attorney will get a call or instructions mailed to them from the hospital about pre-surgical instructions.

Have questions?

Make an appointment or contact us for more information!