Kids Dentistry

By establishing routine dental care, your child will be set up for a lifetime of happy, beautiful smiles. Our kind, experienced and patient team is happy to work with your child to teach proper dental care, detect cavities and address other oral conditions.

The most important part of our job with children is educating and motivating them to practice proper oral hygiene so we can avoid invasive dental procedures.

My child was not able to receive treatment at our last dentist. How can you help?

In some cases, children are not cooperative, and dentists cannot provide the necessary tasks for dental examination and care. At Story City Dental, we find that these issues often result from a child’s reaction to a stressful experience at a different office. With all young patients, our goal is to provide the most stress-free experience possible. When we see your child, our goal is to establish an environment of trust and care. If cooperation continues to obstruct proper dental care, we can explore further options to ensure your child has good oral health, including general anesthesia.

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