Emergency Dental Care

Story City Dental is here for you!

Nobody plans for an emergency, but they happen. Perhaps you experience an extreme toothache on the weekend or a crown falls out. In case of emergency, please call our number and our phone system will notify one of our doctors that there is a patient in need of emergency help.

When you call us over the weekend and indicate you have an emergency, a doctor may be available to get you the care you need, however, you must be patient for them to call you back to assess the need to come into the office. If your emergency happens during our office hours, we will do whatever we can to get you on our schedule and out of pain as quickly as possible.

Dental emergency, tooth pain or both?

Emergencies tend to happen at the most inconvenient times. From our office’s experience, we find they tend to arise at higher frequencies just before a holiday weekend, just before you’re heading out of town for vacation, on your way to a special event or as you’re trying to get through your work day.

However unexpected, do not worry: Story City Dental is here to provide you with efficient emergency dental care.

Before your call, please prepare the following information to share with our staff:

  • Your level of pain and how long you’ve been in pain.
  • When you are available to come see us.
  • Any health history issues that might affect treatment.
  • Any medications you are taking for the dental emergency.

What to expect when you arrive at our dental office:

  • We will take an X-ray of the painful area, and one of our dentists will perform a gentle exam to diagnose the source of the problem.
  • Our dentist will provide you with a treatment plan that specifically outlines costs and insurance coverage.
  • If time permits and given the procedure, we will provide same-day treatment.

Tooth pain can mean many different things, from needing a root canal or extraction to a cavity. Just because your tooth hurts doesn’t automatically mean a root canal or extraction is indicated. Please call our office to have the dentist assess your pain and diagnose its cause.

How we handle dental emergencies.

We will get you scheduled for the first available appointment and assess what we can do to immediately control your discomfort prior to your visit. If you need a filling, crown or extraction we can typically start treatment the same day.

If your pain is due to something for which we cannot treat in the same day due to time constraints (such a molar root canal), we will appoint you for another day that fits your busy schedule and allows us the appropriate amount of time to give you personalized care you deserve. In the meantime we will provide you with care that will decrease your pain and/or control any infection that may be present.

Not all dental emergencies are painful.

Sometimes patients have dental emergencies, yet have no pain. Some of these things include:

  • Chipped a tooth
  • Lost a filling
  • Lost a crown
  • A mouth sore, etc.
  • Generalized jaw pain from TMD/stress

If this is the case, we still want to see you as soon as possible and encourage you to call us to let us know what you are experiencing.  Many times, these non-painful emergencies can quickly devolve from a pain-free to a painful level very quickly.