For Movie Star-Worthy Smiles

You want the smile of the movie stars. You want your teeth to never yellow. You want your teeth spacing to be perfect. Story City Dental can make your wants a reality with veneers. Veneers are thin, lab-created porcelain pieces that we bond over an existing tooth structure. Veneers commonly fix minor cosmetic dental issues like spaces between teeth, heavy stains or other imperfections.

Who can get veneers?

Veneers are effective, but they are also permanent. The Story City Dental team takes the utmost care in discussing treatment goals and further options with all patients. We work with you to determine if major veneer work is needed, if a combination of full crowns and veneers would work better or if the gums around the teeth should be altered to provide the perfect solution that will last. Some patients who have short teeth, gummy smiles, over-crowding or a non-ideal bite may not find the results they’re after with veneers, but our dentist can help determine other approaches to reach your goals.

What’s the procedure?

In the first consultation, our dentist performs a comprehensive exam with a full set of X-rays to determine if there are any restorative needs or periodontal issues. We take a high-definition image of you and your current smile and how your teeth fit together. We scan your mouth using our intra-oral scanner. In the follow-up consultation, the dentist will show you printed models of your proposed new smile. In a prep appointment, our dentist prepares your teeth for veneers and scans the teeth to send a digital impression to the lab. Ten to 14 days later, you will return to have the permanent veneers cemented in place.

Why choose Story City Dental for veneers?

We address the restorative, orthodontic and surgical aspects of cosmetic dentistry in office.

We provide the full spectrum of care needed to address not just the teeth but how the teeth look in the tissue.

We are a completely digital office, so all of our treatment planning is done digitally.

Have questions?

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