Cosmetic Dentistry

For Brighter, More Esthetic Smiles

At Story City Dental, though the health of your teeth is our top priority, we know your smile is the first thing that anyone sees. Though many cosmetic dental procedures are elective, patients who opt for cosmetic dentistry procedures — even the smallest — experience dramatic results to their overall appearance, confidence and self-esteem. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, please talk to Dr. Binkowski about your options and make an appointment for a smile consultation. We have an in-office 3D scanner to virtually show you what your smile looks like now and how we could improve it.

Smiling dental patient

What sort of cosmetic dentistry procedures does Story City Dental offer?

We provide all cosmetic dentistry procedures in-house at Story City Dental, from surgery to restoration. Cosmetic dentistry involves many procedures from alteration of gum tissue around your teeth to placing crowns or veneers on all the visible teeth when you smile (AKA a smile makeover). Every case is different. As such, the dentist will work with you to learn your goals and your timeframe, and provide an honest assessment of how you can achieve the smile you desire.

Why settle for an ordinary smile?

You deserve an extraordinary smile. If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your teeth, the staff at Story City Dental are here to help. We can discuss the problem areas you’d like to fix and the treatment options we have available. With our 3D scanner, we’ll even take an digital impression of your current smile to show you what we see and to provide you with a treatment plan that will help you reach your goals.

Will cosmetic dental work cost a lot?

Several factors allow for cosmetic work to be affordable at Story City Dental. Since we are an in-network provider, you are able to reap the benefits your insurance plan. Plus, we offer an in-house dental savings plan, which includes annual cleanings and exams as well as a 25-30% courtesy discount on most services*. Lastly Dr. Binkowski can provide most cosmetic dentistry and surgical procedures under the Story City Dental roof, meaning a costly referral to a local specialist is unlikely.

*see Dental Savings Plan for specific details

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