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Military Families

Supporting our troops

To our military members and their families

Dr. Binkowski is a veteran, a major in the Iowa Air National Guard, and a proud supporter of members of all military branches and their families. To us, supporting you and your family is more than just offering free care one day per year. It means being a United Concordia network provider for our active duty, guard and reserve members and their families year-round, not just when it’s convenient for advertising purposes. Dr. Binkowski has been a network provider since 2013 and will continue to do so to support you and your family.

How does the DD form 2813 work?

Annual DD form 2813

If you need your annual DD form 2813 completed, there’s no need to bring them with you. We have them at our office and they’ll always be filled out correctly; Dr. Binkowski processes these at his monthly guard drills (he has found that many civilian dentists don’t know what non-deployable dental conditions are). We can also fax the form to your unit before you leave our office.

Typically, every five years you will require a dental exam at your unit dental clinic. In between these five-year exams, you can have your civilian dentist fill out a DD form 2813 at one of your cleanings each year and simply turn this in to your medical unit.

Typical non-deployable conditions

A dental problem that’s left untreated will cause an issue within 12 months:

GEHA And Federal Blue Provider

Federal employees and their families

It’s also important to us to thank our valued federal employees for the services they provide to every American, as well as the government services structure that helps keep our government running behind the scenes; too often they are not recognized!

We support our federal employees and their families by being one of the few GEHA and Federal Blue dental network providers in the area for the past three years and running. These networks typically do not pay out-of-network benefits, and on the provider side aren’t always easy to deal with; hence there are very few, if any, network providers in the local area.

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