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Full Mouth Extractions

Preparation for dentures

Full Mouth Extractions

In some cases, issues with a person’s teeth get to a point where there is no way to fix everything.  This puts patients in a situation where removal of all their remaining teeth is necessary.  Extracting all the remaining teeth is done so they can be replaced with a complete set of dentures.  While we do not fabricate dentures at our office, we do routinely provide the surgical services that are needed to remove the remaining teeth and recontour the remaining bone to accommodate dentures as you heal.  You will sleep through the entire surgery, feel nothing and remember nothing.  If you need the remainder of your teeth removed and dentures delivered, don’t let any providers convince you that removal of the remaining teeth without IV sedation is comfortable on any level.  If you are in need of this, Dr Binkowski can complete a full mouth extraction in 60-70 minutes under IV sedation and we can deliver the dentures the day of the surgery- just bring them with you.  There are many offices that are willing to make them.

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