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Beyond Simple Extractions

Oral Surgery

Story City Dental provides a variety of oral surgery services above and beyond simple extractions. Dr. Binkowski has more than a decade of experience with surgical extractions of any tooth, including partial and fully impacted wisdom teeth and full mouth extractions.

Signs and symptoms leading to the need for oral surgery vary greatly. It usually revolves around but is not limited to needing teeth extracted that cannot be fixed, removal of wisdom teeth, removal of teeth for orthodontics, bone grafting or placement of implants. In some cases patients choose to remove teeth that could be saved with endodontics but may decide to have the tooth or teeth extracted due to financial reasons. Whatever has been troubling you, oral surgery may be the answer to your dental problem.

  • Simple extractions
  • Surgical extractions
  • Wisdom tooth removal (all types)
  • Full mouth extractions (for dentures)
  • Alveoloplasty/tori reduction/preprosthetic surgery
  • Socket preservation (in anticipation of implant placement later)
  • Implant placement (including immediate placement when possible)
  • IV Moderate Sedation*
  • IV Deep Sedation*
  • General Anesthesia*

For Your Comfort

Sedation Options

IV moderate, deep sedation or general anesthesia are available options to make you more comfortable during the procedure. Since we offer these services in-house, we don’t charge a consultation fee for non-patients of record (people looking to only have this done and go back to their dental home), and we provide services based on a general dentistry fee schedule, which helps dental insurance benefits have a greater impact on the reduction of out-of-pocket expenses. General anesthesia is provided by Story City Medical Center in an OR setting (not provided in office)

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