Anxiety-Free Dentistry

A visit to the dentist does not have to be anxiety-filled or stressful, and at Story City Dental, we take extra steps to ensure you have a pleasant experience.


A warm blanket and pillow is available to every patient, as well as overhead HD TVs with digital cable and the option of Bose noise-canceling cordless headphones. As an extra measure of support, Bear, our calming service dog, is available to stand by your side through your procedure.

Deep Sleep Dentistry

If your anxiety or fear keeps you from addressing your dental issues and maintaining your dental health, explore how Story City Dental’s three forms of anesthesia can help. From IV moderate sedation and IV deep sedation to hospital general anesthesia, you can discover a better way to experience the dentist. Learn more about deep sleep dentistry.

IV Moderate Sedation

IV moderate sedation is a substantially more effective and safer method for controlling dental anxiety and achieving a moderate level of sedation (when compared to oral sedation and nitrous), which is why it is used heavily in periodontal offices for soft tissue surgeries. While sleep is not guaranteed, patients tend to fall into a “twilight sleep state” where they are still able to respond to commands by the provider. Depending on the combinations of the drugs being used for the sedation, many patients describe a sensation of extreme relaxation to an intensely euphoric feeling, with almost all reporting that they don’t remember anything or only bits and pieces of the procedure.

IV Deep Sedation

IV deep sedation is the most-effective method for achieving rapid sedation (and by far our most popular), controlling dental anxiety and producing a sleep effect stronger than IV moderate sedation. You will achieve an even deeper level of sedation bordering on unconsciousness — which is why most oral surgeons turn to it for wisdom teeth extractions. Sleep is guaranteed and patients tend to fall into a “depressed level of consciousness” where they may or may not be able to respond to stimuli. No memory of the procedure will exist after completion of the surgery. Dr. Binkowski is the only general dentist in the greater Story City and Ames area and one of the few in Central Iowa to offer IV sedation for any procedure.

Hospital General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is a drug-induced loss of consciousness where the patient cannot be aroused, even by painful stimulation. The patient’s ability to breathe on their own is impaired and assistance with keeping an airway open is needed by use of intubation. General anesthesia is usually achieved through a combination of inhaled gases and IV medications under the care of an anesthesiologist or CRNA.