Advanced Technology

You won’t find a more technologically advanced office in the area.

Our patients get to experience where dentistry will be in 10 years — now.

Every member of our staff at Story City Dental works to stay current with the newest technologies and practices in order to provide you with the best dental care. From digital 3D impressions for crowns, to clear aligners for orthodontics, cordless X-ray units, virtual treatment planning and 3D printing, we have one of the most technologically up-to-date practices in the area.

And this is important, because with better dental technology, you’ll experience:

  • Higher accuracy
  • Shorter appointment times
  • Lower radiation exposure
  • Better treatment outcomes
  • Predictable results

IV moderate and deep sedation

For patients who want the utmost relaxation, explore Story City Dental’s IV sedation options. Experience a twilight sleep state during your appointment with IV moderate sedation or “wake up when your procedure is over” type appointment with IV deep sedation — pain and anxiety management options not offered at any other local dental practice.

3D X-ray imaging (Cone Beam CT)

For a superior 3D image of your teeth and jaw, our advanced X-ray equipment allows us to see things 2D X-ray imagery simply cannot. Large and small volume sizes help the dentist look into each tooth prior to root canals, to assess bone quality prior to implant placement, as well as to view pathological conditions. This means Dr. B works with the highest degree of precision possible for your best results.

TRIOS intraoral imaging

For digital impressions that don’t make you gag, our digital intraoral imaging equipment makes crowns, bridges, implant restorations, dentures and more worry- and pain and gag-free. Our office’s intraoral imaging unit is the most accurate on the market according to the American Dental Association with accuracy to 7 micron (about 4-7x as accurate as a physical impression).

3D printing and virtual design: Showing you the outcome before we even touch your teeth

Our Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D printer can fabricate “snap-on smiles,” occlusal guards, surgical guides and cosmetic dentistry models — all in-house in as little as 24 to 48 hours. So if you’re in need of a fast fix to a dental issue, our in-house printer is the answer. Our “snap-on smiles” can be compared to an Invisalign aligner and help to give you a perfect smile in instances of missing teeth or teeth removal. All our smile designs are done off-site virtually, usually in 18-24 hours. If you are interested in a smile makeover using crowns, veneers or cosmetic bonding, you can see a physical 3D model of the procedure outcome, including alterations to the soft or hard tissue around teeth, before you make any decisions or undergo any work.

Nomad X-ray sources and all digital imaging

You won’t find any X-ray tube heads hanging on our walls, or a film processing room with smelly developing solutions, nor will there be overhead lights in our ops. The use of handheld X-ray units lowers your exposure to radiation. With the back-scatter shield, the operator can stand in the room and quickly take a full series of X-rays without having to set down the X-ray tube head, which means less time with the discomfort of the X-ray sensor in your mouth. Plus all digital imaging allows us to be a completely paperless practice — we have no paper charts and no film images, only digital.

Relax while you’re with us!

Story City Dental wants to ensure your peace-of-mind during any dental visit or procedure. A warm blanket and pillow is available to every patient, as well as overhead HD TVs with digital cable and the option of Bose noise-canceling cordless headphones.

Meet a different kind of dentist.