IV Sedation

For Pain-Free, Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Dr. Binkowski is the only general dentist in the greater Story City area and one of the few in Central Iowa to offer IV sedation for any procedure. If you opt for this level of anesthesia, you’ll enjoy a unparalleled level of relaxation during dental procedures that surpasses oral sedation, helping you overcome any fears or anxieties that have kept you from receiving the dental work you need.

What is IV sedation?

IV sedation is the most effective and safest method for treating dental anxiety and achieving a moderate level of sedation. The medications that are put into the IV line work within minutes, producing a “twilight sleep state” where you can respond to commands but don’t feel or remember the procedure. Dr Binkowski’s patients drift in and out of sleep the entire procedure. Patients have no recollection of the appointment and leave the practice healthy and happy.

Am I a good candidate?

Are you someone who would like to sleep through your appointment and have no memory of it? Do you avoid visiting the dentist — even if you’re experiencing tooth pain — from fear or anxiety? IV sedation could be a good option for you. Prior to using IV sedation, Dr. Binkowski will meet with you for a pre-op appointment to discuss your health history and to perform a simple physical. If he determines you are a good candidate* and it is safe to sedate you, then you will be scheduled for your appointment with IV sedation.

*Patients who are not good candidates for IV sedation include those who have documented sleep apnea, COPD, uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled blood pressure or other conditions that could put the patient at heightened risks for troubles.

How would you like to not remember your dental appointment?

Patients describe a spectrum of sensations when under moderate IV sedation, from extreme relaxation to intense euphoria. And while patients often can respond to direction from the dentist, most cannot remember the procedure or report remembering just bits and pieces.

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