Experience the difference

When your friends and family grit their teeth about going to the dentist, you’ll wonder what’s so bad about the dentist. You actually like yours. Because at Story City Dental, we do all we can to ensure your comfort, health and satisfaction.

If you haven’t experienced the difference of Story City Dental yet, you can expect to:

Smile over comprehensive dental care.

From cosmetic dentistry to preventive services and periodontal work.

Stop wasting two hours driving to a specialist.

Dr. B offers services like oral surgery, root canals, implants and wisdom teeth removal.

Opt for pain-free and stress-free appointments.

We’re the only general dental office in the area to offer deep sleep dentistry.

Remain in-network with your insurance.

Or, explore savings with our dental savings plan.

Meet a kind, caring team of experts.

At Story City Dental, we care about your health and your smile.

Meet a different kind of dentist.