In-Network Dental Office

Insurance FAQs

Our dental office is proud to be in-network with almost all dental insurance programs offered in the area. We’ve had years of experience dealing with insurance claims and are here to help you achieve your dental goals within the scope of your budget ensuring maximum use of your dental benefits.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding dental insurance. For any further questions, please contact our office, and we’d be happy to help.

What does in-network (or preferred provider) mean?

An in-network dentist (preferred provider) has signed a contract with your insurance company that sets agreed upon fees for all procedures. This usually results in you, the patient, receiving a reduction in cost of services of anywhere from 20-40% depending on the procedure.

I have dental insurance and it says your office is in-network. Do I have to pay for my cleanings, exams or X-rays?

Generally no. Because we are in-network, most all of the insurance plans we have seen to date tend to cover exams, cleaning and X-rays at 100%, so most of our insurance-based patients don’t pay anything when they show up for annual cleanings and exams. However, this usually does not apply for people who have periodontitis (because the cleanings are different).

How come my last dentist charged me for the remainder balance, required full payment of all treatment up front and then helped me file an insurance claim? Or why were my out of pocket costs so much higher at my last dentist office even though they filed my insurance for me?

Your last dentist probably was out-of-network, therefore the dental practice and your insurance company had no agreed upon fees and you paid full fee (after benefits were applied).

Below is a simple explanation of how the in-network versus out-of-network dental practices charge for services, such as a crown.

  • Story City Dental

    • Total cost of service: $1,156
    • Delta Dental UCR (in-network): $750
    • Insurance plan coverage: 50%
    • You Pay: $375

      *Because the dentist must write off the difference between the UCR and the fee of the procedure.

  • Out-of-Network Dentist

    • Total cost of service: $1,156
    • Delta Dental UCR (in-network): $750
    • Insurance plan coverage: 50%
    • You Pay: $781

      *Because the dentist is out-of-network, they can collect the difference between his fee and the UCR from you the patient

For identical treatments and identical fees, it could cost upwards of 52% more in out-of-pocket costs for out-of-network dental-office work.

I don’t have dental insurance. Should I get dental insurance?

This depends on your financial situation. We offer an in-house dental savings plan that could fit your needs.

I have a treatment plan from my previous dentist that is out-of-network. Can you see what I would save coming to your in-network office?

Yes! We’d gladly run the numbers. Just bring the plan in when you visit along with your insurance information, and we can sit together and re-quote using in-network fees at no charge.

What insurances are you in-network (preferred provider) with?

  • Delta Dental (PPO and Premier)
  • Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield (including FEP network)
  • MetLife
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • Humana
  • United Concordia (including DOD network)
  • Guardian
  • hawk-i

Networks we accept that have no traditional in-network/out-of-network dentists

  • Significa
  • Principal Financial
  • Reserve National Insurance